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If you have bought a second hand vehicle, or one of your existing vehicles is not making your work as efficient as it could do, it may be more cost effective to modify it rather than buy a new vehicle. E.J. Holyoake can help design and construct new bodies that make your vehicle work for you. Our fabrication page, finishing page and new bodies page will giver further information about our capabilities. If in doubt, please get in touch for a more thorough discussion.


Good storage is key to exploiting your vehicle to the fullest. We can fabricate bespoke solutions such as aluminium lockers, custom tool chests or fit shelving and pre-fabricated solutions.


For vehicles that work in the field we can manufacture and fit bespoke workshops including electricity generation. We offer offer a handmade plywood and aluminium structure which is very robust and long lasting.


We are equipped to tackle a large range of unusual projects. On the right can be seen a caravan body mounted on a wagon chassis with integrated storage lockers, electricity generation system and plumbing. If you have an unusual project in mind get in touch!


  • Conversion of box body to mobile office
  • Adding electrical system to commercial bodies
  • Specialist Catering Trailers
  • Adding Hatches and gas struts to body
  • Modifying trailers to hold specialist equipment
  • Shelving
  • Conversion of flatbed to tree surgery body
  • Plumbing facilities in vans
  • Plylining commercial vehicles
  • Adding glazing to bodies
  • Campervan modifications
  • Ventilation to passenger and transport vehicles
  • Locker construction and installation
  • Addition of hydraulic cranes