E.J. Holyoake, Shropshire Commercial Body Builders

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Our fully equipped body and paint shops can turn your vehicle into a marketing opportunity for your company while keeping them compliant with road safety regulations.

We can paint a large variety of objects that require a hard, durable finish from entire bodies to small brackets or woodwork.


We use a high quality, durable two pack coach enamel system for our commercial vehicle painting. We are equipped for Metallic finishing and laquering. We use etch primer on all of our jobs to increase the durability of the paint finish.

We can refinish anything from a full size articulated truck to a scuffed wing panel. Alternative paints available.

We also offer:

Vehicle Wrapping

Touch up paintwork

Spray or brushed paint


As part of our repair service we replace or repair damaged or corroded body panels before filling to make the repaired area indistinguishable from the rest of the vehicle. We also offer this as part of our classic vehicle restoration service.